Zakynthos inspired fonts

zakynthos inspired fonts
zakynthos inspired fonts

There’s no place like Greece in the summer. Heavenly beaches, fine sand and crystal clear water are the top three ingredients that make Greece the one and only land of Gods. If you ever been there, you’ll return every time you get another chance. And why is that? Well, as you may know, Greece has got a large amount of islands that wait to be discovered by tourists. Some claim there are approximately 6,000 islands dispersed in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, out of which only 227 are inhabited.

Each and every one of those islands have its own charm. Mykonos is famous for its nightlife, Santorini for its amazing architecture and Crete for its size, small prices and some of the most beautiful beaches. However, we have another island in our minds that astonished us with its landscapes. The favorite of Artemis and Apollo, Zakynthos has everything you wanted in a Greek island: idyllic beaches, blue water and, to be honest, incredibly tasty food.

Because trying out new food when on holiday is a must, we came across some restaurants that caught our attention. In addition, as you all know we have a thing for fonts, we found those all those Zakynthos inspired fonts and decided to share them with you.

So keep on reading and find out their names!

Botanic Garden


Font name: Vonique 92 font.

Al Nur Gourmet Food & Cocktail

AL nur

Font name: Amal Bold font.

Massa Mediterranean Cuisine + Bar


Font name: Vonique 92 Bold font.

Cave Damianos Taverna

Cave Damianos Taverna

Font name: Algerian EF font.

Pieros Restaurant – Bar


Font name: Monotype Corsiva Bold font.

Aeolos Kitchen Bar


Font name: Nilland Black font.


san piero

Font name: Berylium font.

Sea Side

sea side

Font name: Poor Richard Opti font.



Font name: Thinking of Betty font.

El Sueno

el sueno

Font name: Scriptina font.

That’s all with the Zakynthos inspired fonts, folks! And keep in mind: if you come across a font you like, search it on If you have a sweet tooth for fonts, you’ll definitely enjoy our website!

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