Cool Instagram fonts for your stories

Story Instagram Fonts
Story Instagram Fonts

Curious about Instagram fonts? Down below, we will show you how to create the best Instagram stories with the existing Instagram fonts, as well as other fonts that will complement your choices. Therefore, keep on reading to see how font combinations can bring your Insta stories many positive reactions!

To start with, as we all know, Instagram Type Mode is currently offering to its publishers the standard font style. In other words, we all know the Classic, as well Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong fonts.

Instagram Story Fonts


Firstly, modern is an all-caps font with a very…well…modern styling. It’s bold but it’s not too strong and can be used for those stories should reveal the cool activities that you are currently up to. For instance, we believe that it will make a good pair with Brandon Grotesque.


Secondly, neon is a cursive and bright Instagram font, looking almost like a neon sign. The font has a more feminine feel and it may seem to be appealing to a younger audience. Moreover, it may also be good for a brand if you feel edgy and fun. We think that Neon Glow Font will look just good next to it!

Instagram Story Fonts


Thirdly, typewriter is a traditional, simple font that can turn your casual stories into something meaningful. If you add Firenza Bold next to it, your Instagram stories will be remembered!


The last font is Strong. Its name speaks about its style. It is bold and it will match your powerful message. Pairing it with Futura ND Alt Cond Bold Oblique font will make your message even stronger!

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