Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Planning, Including Fonts

Everything You Need To Know About Your Weeding Planning, Including Fonts

Here is a complete guide about everything you need to know about your wedding planning, including the fonts you will use for your invitations and other things.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Weeding Planning, Including Fonts

This article is a gold mine for people that are not married yet, but they will do the huge step in the following months.

I suggest you plan the wedding by yourself, with the help of your future wife and parents.

It is not complicated and the process is super enjoyable, creating nice memories.

You will closely work with your future wife, parents, and other friends.

The first thing to do

After you ask your future wife the “big question” and she says yes, you should both start the planning phase.


A wedding is a huge expense and you need to know how much money you need to make it. People tend to believe that a wedding will bring you lots of money but in reality, if you make the correct calculations, a wedding will spend you more money that you are getting.

This is what usually happens but can and will differ from person to person.

That is why I will tell you how I did it and it worked perfectly. For me and many friends of mine which did it exactly like me.

I created an Excel file, with 2 columns in which I noted the following:


It is super important to note pretty much all the costs that you will have.

This column should be completed only after you make the research and find out the real costs.

Don’t think that your wedding rings will cost $1,000 if you will end paying $2,000. Decide with your wife all the costs and stick with them.

Or you can pay less for something, and pay more for something else.

But in the end, you should stick with the costs.

Otherwise, your expenses may go up in the sky and you could have financial problems after the wedding ends.

That is why you should stick with the costs.

Here are examples of costs that you will probably have too:

– Wedding dress + accessories

– Groom suit + accessories

– Wedding invitations

– Church expenses

– Wedding rings

– 1 Night at the hotel for my wife so I can pick it from there in the wedding day

– 1 Night at another hotel for both of us, after the wedding

– Old car rent for 1 full day

– Photographer

– Videographer

– Restaurant + decorations (including on each table)

– Huge tv that will run photos or videos with you and your wife

– Red carpet

– Cake

– Fireworks

– Honeymoon (yes, you should include this cost too; it is part of your wedding)

Trash the dress


Here you will write all the money that you receive.

If your parents or hers give you money, note them here.

Same with all your guests, for sure you can estimate how much money they will give you.

It is important to estimate all the money that you will get, no matter the moment you are getting them (after the wedding, during the wedding, or even before).

Before completing this column, make a list of all your potential guests.

How many guests you will have? 200? 300? Or maybe you make a small wedding with just 100 guests.

Estimate this number and cut 10-15% out.

Some will not come to your wedding for different reasons.

Write below the income that you estimate:

– Money from your parents

– Money from your wife’s parents

– Grandparents

– Close friends (they pay more than your work colleagues)

– Friends

– Acquaintances

– Work colleagues

– And so on.

After the excel file is finished

So now you have 2 columns with expenses and income.

Make the difference between the two and see if you are on plus, or on minus.

It is not a problem if you are on the minus, I was too, with almost $17,000, but I knew it before the wedding and I was ok with that.

if I hadn’t done the calculations before the wedding, I would have had a huge problem at the end of the party, when I would have had to pay for the restaurant, the band, the photographer, the videographer, the car, and who knows what else.

The next thing

Now that you know exactly the financials of your wedding, you can easily plan everything and ask for help from your friends and parents.

Go and see as many restaurants, discuss with music bands, find yourself a great photographer and videographer, taste cakes, take a look at groom suits, and everything else.

This part is super enjoyable and easy to do.

But it is as it is, because you did the financial calculations before and you know perfectly how much money you afford or you want to pay for all you need.

Wedding invitations

More and more people are using digital wedding invitations and even if I didn’t (my wedding was 5 years ago), I strongly suggest you use them.

You will save good money (I paid $500 for the wedding invitations), time, and effort.

If you print invitations, you will have to go out with each friend of yours and give him the invitation. This takes time and money.

A digital wedding invitation can be obtained for free most times and with a bit of design skill, and you can easily send it by WhatsApp, SMS, or Email.

TIP: You don’t need a complicated wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation should contain the following: nice picture of you and your future wife, and information about the wedding party date, church location, restaurant location, and confirmation date.

Regarding fonts, use a font that imitates handwriting or a Serif font.

Play with several fonts before deciding.

It is very simple to pick the right font, just do some tests.

Fonts that you can use for your wedding invitations

Here are 3 fonts that you can use for your wedding invitations.

All of them are free to use.

  1. Coneria Script

Download Coneria Script Wedding Font

2. Freebooter Script

Download Freebooter Script Wedding Font

3. Carolina Mountains

Download Carolina Mountains Wedding Font

There are many cool fonts out there, take your time to find the right one for you.


Like many things in life, if the planning is right, everything becomes much easier.

I hope you will have the wedding of your life.

Don’t forget to send this article to your friends that are soon getting married.