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Jack Fahnestock is a graphic designer and type designer based in Providence, RI (USA). (1) Work experience: Actual Source, Base Design, Verdes. (2) Education: BFA Graphic Design, RISD, 2020 (3) Availability: currently available for freelance projects (4) Other: Insta, CV,

Lumber Tee, 2021, ink on fabric, size large, edition of nine, View more of this project.

Post-Contact [RISD Senior Thesis], April–August 2020, A public site for open, artistic commentary in response to the coronavirus pandemic (and later nationwide protests), View online exhibition, View website (Discontinued)

Identity for RoPA, 2020

NYT Food Festival Print Matter, 2019, with Base Design NYC, Designed in collaboration with Joseph Han, [Photo courtesy of Base Design NYC]

RISD Class of 2020 Yearbook (Back Cover Detail), Featuring a custom “2020” version of the RISD 1877 seal originally designed by John Howard Benson, View more images here

RISD Class of 2020 Yearbook Inside, Designed in collaboration with RISD Guild, View more images here & here

RISD 1877 Holiday Tee, 2020, Screen-printed (by me with my own equipment)

Exhibition Poster, 2019; Risograph, edition of 50, 11in × 17in

Exhibition Installation, Featuring a custom typeface based on the stone carving of John Howard Benson (author of the official RISD seal)

Feeeels Fuzzy Typeface, 2019, Commissioned for “Fuzzy” issue of Feeeels Magazine, Available for licensing.

TINY Typeface Promo Poster, 2019, Letterpress printed (by me with RISD equipment), edition of 50, 17.5in × 23in

TINY Typeface Promo Tote Bag, 2019, Screen-printed (by me with my own equipment)

Today in New York Pop-Up Shop Exterior Signage, with Théïa Flynn & Verdes, 2018, View more images

Today in New York Pop-Up Shop Product design, with Théïa Flynn & Verdes, 2018, View more images

Untitled, 2018, letterpress, 1/1, 545mm × 788mm

Halloween Poster, 2019, Featuring 16 different ways to stretch type using cartographic projections, View animated version

Proposed restaurant menu (front & back), 2017, 4.25x14, laser printed

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