Jack Fahnestock is a graphic designer and type designer based in Providence, RI (USA). (1) Work experience: Actual Source, Base Design, Verdes. (2) Education: BFA Graphic Design, RISD, 2020 (3) Availability: currently available for freelance projects (4) Other: Insta, CV, mail@jackf.me

Feeeels Fuzzy

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Trial Fonts

The included trial fonts are for testing and non-commercial student work only. They may NOT be published anywhere outside of the classroom, including on social media*, in résumés/CVs, or in portfolio websites/PDFs.

The trial fonts include a complete character set. All glyphs except the following are watermarked: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

* Mocking up a social media account specifically for a class project is permitted. For example, you may use the trial fonts to mock up an Instagram account for a fictitious film festival.

Commercial Licensing

Starting at $50 for 1–3 users. Please get in touch via mail@jackf.me to purchase. Accepted payment methods: PayPal (jckfa), Venmo (@jckfa), Cash ($jckfa)

Fonts will be immediately emailed upon payment.


Feeeels Fuzzy, the typeface, is the result of a low-budget commission for the first issue—the “fuzzy” issue—of a magazine called Feeeels. I began the design process by defining its overarching theme; included were interpretations of fuzziness as a state of mind, a type of logic, and a way of rendering or resolution. I thought the idea of “low resolution” had a lot of potential in terms of form-making so I focused in that area. I did some sketching—both on paper and screen—using various pixelation and halftone techniques until I found something interesting that I was happy with.

The typeface follows two core design decisions. The first involves mixing letterforms of standard contrast—thicker vertical than horizontal strokes—with those of reverse contrast—thinner vertical than horizontal strokes. This juxtaposition yields a very unusual typographic rhythm. The second involves widening letterforms asymmetrically and randomly—perhaps with a “fuzzy” logic. The effect is glitchy and organic.

TINY 5x3

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Initially released on 4 April 2019 on Velvetyne Type Foundry. Licensed under SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Family Styles

TINY comes in 15 different instances ranging from 0–300 (each increasing the dot size by 20 units). It also comes with a variable font with a size axis to modify dot size from 0—300.

Character Set (1300+ glyphs)
Stylistic Sets

The stylistic sets can be chained together.


Please consider financially supporting the development of TINY if you profit from it. PayPal (jckfa), Venmo (@jckfa), Cash ($jckfa)

Suggested donation amounts based on organization size of the end user: