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Best easy to read banner fonts you should use

Nowadays there are no limits when it comes to banner design. You can create one within minutes and there is an abundance of banner fonts at your disposal. What makes the difference though, is knowing which font you should be using. Most times, all the details should be connected and related to the audience as well and not rely just on your taste and intuition. But by far the most important aspect is legibility. All messages should be written in clarity.

Sci-Fi Fonts

Are we alone in this Universe? Since we’re not scientists, nor astronauts, we can at least show you some futuristic, sci-fi fonts that we know you’ll like!

Let’s talk about Gestalt’s principles

If you’re new in the world of graphic design, you might not know very much about Gestalt’s principles and their major importance. Based on certain psychology laws that date back in the ’20, these principles explain how humans perceive chaotic stimuli around them and how they group similar elements for better understanding.