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Harry Potter fonts you will love

September is only one week away and we couldn’t do anything but hope that this year will be our lucky one. The year when our childhood dream might come true. The year we’ll receive the most desired letter of all times: the acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When growing up, we fell in love with the magical Harry Potter universe and this feeling stuck with us until the very present. Because autumn is a good time to reminisce about the Harry Potter universe, we found some amazing Harry Potter fonts for your personal designs. Check them out down below!

Party fonts for party animals

Be it summer or winter, we all learned something from the Great Gatsby: a little party never killed nobody! Nobody can refuse good music, refreshing drinks and quality time spent with friends, all mixed up into one social form of expression: partying. Wether you’re planning a small party just for you and your close ones or you’re part of a greater organising team for the party of the century, one thing is clear: you need an awesome font, that will ask people to join the party. WhatFontIs is here to the rescue, with some cool party fonts you’ll simply adore. Check them out down below!

Cool art-deco fonts you’ll love

Before World War I, France blessed us with a beautiful style of visual arts known as art-deco. Its influences spread across many areas such as architecture, design, cinematography, fashion and so on. Therefore, without any doubt, we couldn’t help ourselves but search for fonts that bear art-deco features. After a little bit of research, we have a verdict. Their elegance is bedazzling and we simply fell in love with them! Our top picks, down below.

Top clean fonts for your blog

If you enjoy browsing through blog articles once in a while, you definitely understand and acknowledge the importance of a good font. They set the mood when it comes to a particular blog and manage to communicate much more than it might seem at a first glance. Just like picking the right theme, colours and templates, fonts say a lot about someone’s personality. Because one of their most important feature is readability, we found some clean fonts that will look good on your blog. Check them out down below!

Tropical inspired fonts and the usage ideas

Summer is, without a doubt, all about good times, tan lines and days spent at the beach. And since vacation time is just around the corner, how about we take a short imaginary trip first somewhere tropical? Imagine the chilly breeze, the sparkling sun and the fine, white sand. The cristal clear water and the tall palm-trees. The tropical vibes and the smiling people. If you appetite for a holiday has grown considerably, check our selection of tropical inspired fonts and some cool usage tips that we think are suitable.

Pin-up inspired fonts we love

Sometimes, old-school is better than new-school. We can say that we love old-fashioned commercials and brands that managed to keep a pinch of vintage in their current branding. Cola-Cola, Marshall, Lee Cooper or the notorious Lucky Strike pop in our mind and fascinate us with their appearance. We couldn’t help ourselves not no notice their pin-up inspired fonts. Because old-school is cool, looks good and has a certain vibe to it that we adore, we searched for a few vintage fonts. By the end of our research, we gathered 5 fonts we absolutely adore. Check them out down below.

Netflix series and tv show fonts – part 2

If you are part of those who believe that nothing beats a night at home, in front of the TV, watching your favourite series episode after episode, then you are in the right place. Just like you, we couldn’t even imagine doing something else after a very long and exhausting day at work. For this reason, we are up to date with the latest TV shows and, as you might expect, with the fonts they are using for their titles. Check out 5 of our favourite Netflix series and their fonts.

Top 5 outdated fonts and how to replace them

Like anything else in the world, fonts come and go. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a typeface for a particular design, your options should always be up to date. Forget about those outdated fonts that tend to be used over and over again. Instead, move your attention to emerging fonts and give them a chance. Who knows, you might get to be the one to set the trend. Check out our top 5 outdated fonts and our replacement choices.