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10 Websites That Use Typography Right

Prepare yourself to get huge inspiration from 10 websites that use typography right. You will see how different websites (some have tens of billions of unique visitors each month) use typography to help users find content, get messages, and information on their websites.

Sci-Fi Fonts

Are we alone in this Universe? Since we’re not scientists, nor astronauts, we can at least show you some futuristic, sci-fi fonts that we know you’ll like!

Principle #6: ascenders and descenders

Imagination made us wonder: are humans and letters similar? If you really think about it, you might find lots of similarities. Some are tall and some are short. Some are round and some are slim. And, surprisingly, both humans and letters have ups and downs. People have good days and bad days, while letters have ascenders and descenders. Don’t know what those two elements are? Take a sit and let us tell you their story!

Principle #5: is it a leg or a tail?

As you probably noticed already, there are a lot of typographical terms that are alike. The difference between them might be imperceptible in most of the situations. We learned this in one of our previous articles when we talked about apertures and counters. Today, we’re going to move our attention towards two new other notions that are very much similar and learn how to differentiate them. Girls and boys, let’s find out more about legs and tails!

Principle #3: Meet typographical contrast

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, contrast is the difference or the degree of difference between things having similar or comparable natures. Not far away from this definition, we can come across a different type of contrast: the typographical contrast. Want to know more about it? Then keep on reading!

Principle #2: body height and glyph width

As some of you might know, there are a few ways you can measure up the size of a character. The most common one implies two different aspects that you must take in consideration: body height and body width. Today, we’re going to spice things up a bit and move our attention to another way of determining the size of a character. Dear readers, meet glyph width! 

Typography Rules You Should Know as a Designer

Graphic design typography, however, comes with a clear set of typography rules. No matter how good you think you are or how inexperienced you are, it’s never a waste of time to remember the typography rules because they transform your creativity into an effective design.