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Festival fonts and summer festivals

Festivals became an international trend and we can encounter them on every continent, being another good pretext for traveling. Since there’s are favourites in every field, we made a list of the most awesome summer festivals. And because there’s no festival without personalised items, check out some festival fonts to pimp up your outfits!

Rome’s top hotels and their fonts

When in Rome, do as Romans do. Get a nice room in a cozy, romantic hotel and enjoy your stay. For your next summer vacation in Europe, Italy, we checked the top hotels in Rome, their ambiance and of course, their fonts!

Zakynthos inspired fonts

There’s no place like Greece in the summer. Heavenly beaches, fine sand and crystal clear water are the top three ingredients that make Greece the one and only land of Gods. Because trying out new food when on holiday is a must, we came across some restaurants that caught our attention. In addition, as you all know we have a thing for fonts, we found those all those Zakynthos inspired fonts and decided to share them with you.