Free Font Design Tool

Free Font Design Tool

It is named Touch Type and it was designed by a German design studio named Schultzschultz. This is a free font design tool.

Touch Type is one of the font design tools that will revolutionize the font industry.

Free Font Design Tool

“You realize the tools that you use are just as important to the final result as the person who uses these tools,” says Schütz. “If you translate this to our digital tools today, people just don’t realize they are using a tool. It’s just, ‘Photoshop is everything!’ And you can do a lot [in Photoshop], but it still sets some boundaries.”

They have a long history in trying to invent new technologies.

“We like to come up with our own very basic visual ideas, and often something is not possible using common tools like Photoshop or Illustrator,” says Schütz. “If you are able to create your own tools, you really feel more free.”

“It’s kind of like learning how to ride a bike every time you create a new tool,” says Schütz. “You have to learn to use it. And it feels really great learning how to use a new tool. Like an instrument, at first it’s awkward, then you learn you can do beautiful stuff with it.”

Now let’s see how it works.

How Touch Type works

Touch Type works strictly with iOS multi-touch devices and Safari or Chrome.

To use the software, you will use up to 5 fingers, so that is why only iOS multi-touch devices are supported.

One finger tap on the screen, and you will create a letter.

With two fingers, you make the letter smaller or larger.

Using three fingers, you spin the alphabet like a rotary old phone. This is how you select the letters you want.

Four fingers will help you stretch the letter.

And with five fingers you will ticken the line of the letters so you can make it bold.

The app works excellent, it is easy to use, quick, intuitive, and more important than everything, it is enjoyable.

Touch Type is available a free demo that you can use for any purpose you want.

What is Touch Type good for?

The fonts industry is constantly changing.

In the last months and years, we say that most devices that we use let us change fonts, play with the text sizes, and much more.

Also, websites are starting to let us change fonts and the text sizes.

So, font customization is not just possible, it is almost a standard in the industry.

Now, Touch Type is a smart new way to create custom fonts in seconds, by just playing with an app.

I bet that this technology will be a hit in the world, being included on all kind of devices and software.

Just imagine having this technology available in all the software we use.

Whenever you want a certain font look and feel, you can easily create it in seconds, without paying agencies and top font designers, and without waiting weeks, and months.

This cannot be cooler than that.


If you haven’t played with Touch Type until now, do it because this is a technology that you will love.

It is so easy and enjoyable to play with this app, even my 4 years old boy is in love with Touch Type.

Take your iOS multi-touch device, open Touch Type and create your word out of letters that you designed with your own hand, in just a few seconds.