Let Your Website Visitors Change Fonts

Let Your Website Visitors Change Fonts

Let your website visitors change fonts so they can have a better experience with your website.

Let Your Website Visitors Change Fonts

This is what I would do especially if I would have a blog or an online shop.

And you should too.

Website visitors should have the possibility to change not just the fonts, but also the size of the text, the colors, the spacing, and probably more.

A better website experience means more conversions, so why don’t we all start implementing this smart feature on our websites?

Probably it is expensive as we would have to custom make everything, but is it worth going on this road?

Find the answer in this article.

The whole world started to let people choose fonts on different devices

The revolution is here, everybody understood that users should choose the fonts they like.

A few days ago, I added HBO MAX app to my Samsung TV.

In the app’s menu, I noticed a whole page dedicated to fonts.

From that page, I could easily change fonts, text size, colors, spacing, and probably more but I couldn’t memorize everything.

I loved that I can easily make all the font changes I would want so I can easily read the menu, subtitles, and everything else.

And this is not the only place/device that I noticed to have this feature.

Other devices are our mobile phones.

And the list can continue.
People are changing fonts on Instagram, on PC games, and other places too.

Let your website visitors change fonts

I don’t know how expensive or difficult it would be to let your website visitors change fonts.

This should be researched; it might be easier than we think.

And the great thing is that our websites would be among the few that offer such features to our website visitors.

For sure it is doable and I am absolutely sure that your website conversions will go up if you will implement this feature.

And websites should also be translated professionally in at least 3-4 languages if your website is used by people from all parts of the world.

Why there are still no or just a few websites that offer this feature?

Here is what I think.

People tend to copy each other and follow the simple path.

Adding this smart feature to your website is not simple and I never saw it recommend elsewhere from this article.

In plus, there are probably people out there that believe this feature is useless.

But it is not useless, it is a huge opportunity to make your website unique and much better.

If you are reading this article, find out how much costs you to add this feature on your website.

Start by offering your website visitors just a few fonts to choose from, and just a few font sizes.

This will make the work much less expensive.

After the feature is implemented, check your conversion rates.

If you see better conversion rates, improve this feature, it means that it works.


Websites should be improved with everything we can, even with small things, and even with potential expensive features like this one.

Advertising is more and more expensive while the ROI is going down from one year to another.

Creativity is the skill that we should all have, in plus from everything else.

Never let a website stick with the very same design if it is not working at its full potential, and always try and add useful features to your websites.

For example, let your website visitors change fonts.

There might people that prefer a larger font size, or another text color.