Launch An Online Business In Less Than A Day

Launch An Online Business In Less Than A Day

Launch an online business in less than a day even if this is your very first time creating a business, and even if you never do it so fast.

Launch An Online Business In Less Than A Day

I strongly believe that most online businesses should and can be launched extremely quick, using minimum resources (time and money.

But this is not most people do.

They like to overthink, overcomplicate things, and create problems that are not there.


Because this is how the world thinks about businesses and since we are kids, we think that it is hard to launch a business and that only the smartest people in the world can do it.

Or it is just luck.

But it isn’t, it is just hard work and smart work.

When you tell people that you want to launch a new business, you will hear the following:

– This is not the best time to launch a new business – Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, you are too old, you are too young, etc.

– Your business idea will not work.

– Why risk your money?

– Better be an employee, it is safer.

– There are tons of other similar businesses with yours.

– And the list can easily continue.

Believe in your business idea and don’t tell them that you will launch your online business in less than a day.

Here is how to do it.

Launch an online business in less than a day

Not any online business can be launched in less than a day, but there are tons of businesses to choose from that can be made quick and with minimum investment:

– Content writing

– Digital marketing

– Digital agency

– Consultancy

– Logo design

– Website design

– Translations

– Web development

– Shop

– Blog

– Digital magazine

– And others.

If you don’t have the skills for any of the above business ideas, buy the best 4-5 books on the subject, read them, and you will be good to go.

You might need to read each book at least 2 times, and take notes.

For most business ideas it is more than enough.

If you carefully read the best 4-5 books on a particular topic, you will know more than most of the people, so you can be a specialist.

What you will need to launch your online business in a couple of hours

Let’s say that you want to launch a content writing online business.

You will need:

A company

Let’s say that you have a registered company and that you can use it for your online business.

If not, no problem.

In many countries, you can start a new company in just a few hours.

Business name

Find a business name that it is short, memorable, easy to pronounce, and unique.

Put at least 10 business names down the paper and check on Google, Facebook, and Namecheap each name.

You want your business name to be 100%.

Cost: free 🙂

Domain name and hosting

I highly recommend you Namecheap but you can use any other hosting and domain name solution.

Best is to pick a .com domain.

Total cost should be around $25.


For the logo, you should use BrandCrowd logo generator or any other solution.

This one will help you with a great logo design that you can easily customize for just $15 (pay a month and then cancel the subscription).

Cost: $15

Email accounts

Easiest to use are the Google paid email accounts.

One email account can be enough.

Cost: It is 5 euro / month per email account.

Email signature

You want a professional email signature and you can do it all by yourself for free.

Use Canva for free or pick a free to use email signature generator.

Cost: free


To create your website, you will use a website builder or WordPress.

Both ways are simple to use and have ups and downs.

I would pick WordPress because it is free to use and has everything you need included, including free templates.

Cost: free if you use WordPress


Pick a font that is simple to read and that works with your business.

If you don’t know what font to use, you can easily use some of the most common fonts: roboto, helvetica, or futura.

Don’t use too large or too small sizes.

Combine maximum 2 fonts, one for the headings and one for the paragraphs.

Cost: free

Stripe and/or PayPal

You will need at least one way to get paid.

I would use Stripe as it has much better taxes than PayPal.

Cost: free


All of these should not take you more than a day.

If you have some prior experience, you can do everything in just a couple of hours.

Remember, you should use minimum resources to launch your online business.

Test it, see how it works, and if it works as you want, then you should invest more.

If not, do another business.


So now you have an online business ready to work with customers.

As I said, it took you less than a day to launch it.

The next step is to promote your business and start getting paid.