Business Ideas That You Can Start With Minimum Capital And 0 Knowledge

Business Ideas That You Can Start With Minimum Capital And 0 Knowledge

Find out below several business ideas that you can start with minimum capital and 0 knowledge.

Business Ideas That You Can Start With Minimum Capital And 0 Knowledge

When I say minimum capital, I mean sums from a few tens of dollars and up to just a few hundred dollars – maximum $500.

The reason for writing this article is to help you understand that you can do “crazy” (over $10,000 per month) businesses with minimum money.

You don’t need fancy technologies, employees, company headquarters, lots of money, or the idea that nobody else had.

All of these are usually traps that your mind is putting in front of you so it can keep you in your comfort zone.

Why launch a business with minimum capital?

Here are 4 answers to this question:

– When launching a business with minimum capital you will minimize your potential loss.

– A business can get you lots of money even if you launched it with very small amounts of money so why spend more than needed to get the same money?

– When your capital is minimum, you have to be creative and find solutions to work your way up.

– It is much easier to launch such a business than a $500,000 business.

So even if you have lots of money to invest, keep reading this article and launch your own business with just a few bucks.

Is it possible to launch a business with 0 knowledge?

Yes, it is possible and simple to do.

What I mean by 0 knowledge is that you have not even a clue about what your business industry and service.

For example, your business is teaching parents to make their kids sleep 10 hours per night.

But you don’t know anything about this, and you don’t even have kids.

How will you teach parents do something that you know nothing about?

It is very simple; you will get the knowledge.


By reading for example 5 great books on that topic.

If you carefully read that great 5 books, you will know much more than 99% of the population on the subject.

After that 5 great books, you will have the needed knowledge to deliver an excellent service to parents.

Business ideas that you can start with minimum capital and 0 knowledge

All these business ideas are coming from my own experience and knowledge, and are not inspired from the internet.

You don’t need to have any knowledge or skills to start these businesses.

But of course, that you will need to get the knowledge from books.

Before I am sharing with you the information, you need to know that all these business ideas can be transformed into large companies.

All of them are small creations that can hit the sky if done right.

So here they are:

1. Sleep consultant

This is a booming business that works everywhere you are.

In plus, you can do the business from your own home and you can easily develop it into a very large company with many employees.

The industry is huge and there are very few sleep consultants.

In most countries, you don’t need to be authorized to sell sleep consultancy services but carefully check your country regulations.

2. YouTuber

To become a successful YouTuber, you need to be consistent and create lots of engaging content.

You can easily do all your videos with your mobile phone and a tripod if needed.

The trick is to put in the hard work and pick the right industry.

Most people tend to do what they like, for example stop motion.

Ok, but if you will do YouTube videos about stop motion, you will not get the money you will want.

Pick another topic that you like, or do a topic that you don’t like as much but which will get you the money you want.

3. Blogger

As statistics say, in 2021 there where over 600 million blogs.

And still, I suggest you make a blog.

There is more than enough space for your blog.

Why I say that?

Because most blogs out of these 600 million are not international blogs, and most of them are not active or any good.

If you will find a good niche and your content will be really useful for your readers, your blog will work extremely well.

A small blog can easily be turned in a top blog with huge earnings.

Many top blogs nowadays sell also courses, books, podcasts, and workshops, not just ads and sponsorships.

4. Online course

Create an online course that you sell on your very own website or on websites like Udemy.

I recommend you try the first option, publishing your course on your own website even if you will find it difficult to sell.

After you find the solutions to make it work, you will have the key to develop a large company.

5. Podcast

Launching an online podcast is a very simple to do task.

What you need is just great content.

You can create awesome content all by yourself, or by having interesting guests to your podcast.


All these business ideas can be individually be launched with maximum $500, some of them probably with just $50.

With that money you will get:

– Domain name – $9 per year according to Namecheap for example

– Hosting – $2 per month according to the same above company

– Website – Free – you will install WordPress

– Company – To create a company you will probably pay around $100.

– Invoicing software – Free

– Logo – Free

– Books – It depends on the books, but I recommend you buy digital and used books.

So the costs are very small as you see; what you need is just the right mindset.